Bodhi Chi Yoga and Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling and Therapeutic Yoga Practice Philosophy

Counselling – Discover your path to freedom and achieve a balanced and meaningful way of living through mindful exploration of the self.  This can be achieved through private self directed counselling using Cognitive Behavioural Strategies and Mindful Based Interventions and/or  through use of the whole self in the ancient practice of Yoga.

shivaYoga – Through individual or group yoga practice you will learn easy and effective asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing), Dharana (concentration) and Dhyani (meditation) practices that will offer you new ways of dealing with stress reduction and help with relieving depression, anxiety and trauma.  Practices specifically designed for you will assist you in exploring how to move forward in life with purpose, joy and genuine love for yourself.

The philosophical and spiritual aspect of Yoga will be woven into your practice and will assist you in moving forward in life. Important for those who are questioning “what is left” or “why me”.

Operating out of Sarnia in Southern Ontario.